About the National
Kratom Coalition

Our Mantra: Enriching a Healthy, Pain-Free Life.

Our objective is to educate the public and policy-makers on the benefits of kratom, ensure people have legal access to it, develop public policy recommendations, and promote scientific research into the way kratom can be used to enrich life.

National Kratom Coalition Board

Ross Fallacaro
vice President

Ross A. Fallacaro, vice president of NKC Inc., served honorably in the U.S. Air Force from 2000-2005. After his enlistment, Ross decided to make it his mission to help veterans in the nonprofit sector. He began working with various local organizations in the West Palm Beach, Fl. area that directly serve the veterans.
While helping community agencies, Ross assisted with housing countless homeless veterans, provide substance abuse counseling, help with job integration, and postulate intensive case management services for veterans and veteran families.
Ross helped write the Supportive Services for Veteran’s and Veteran’s Families (SSVF) grant for the Faith Hope Love Charity—First Stop Veteran’s Resource Center, which when implemented in West Palm Beach, Fl., assisted in getting numerous veterans and their families that were high risk of becoming indigent into sustainable housing with gainful employment. Ross served as a veteran court mentor for the 16th Circuit, assisting veterans as a “big brother” while they navigated their way through the Veteran’s Justice Outreach (VJO) rehabilitation program, ultimately helping non-violent offenders who served this country proudly get their charges dismissed.
Ross's service does not end with veterans, he also worked with clients who were court-ordered to treatment. He holds a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) and is currently finishing his Masters of Social Work (MSW).
Ross is a loving husband and father, as well as a long-time kratom advocate, who utilizes the plant medicinally as well.

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kate madsen

Kate's love and appreciation of the kratom community brought her to the NKC. She is the happiest when presented with challenges and she works well under pressure.
Kate began working as a nurse's assistant at the age of 16 and is thankful she was able to find her life's passion, helping others, so early on. She also spent many years working as an administrative assistant in both small businesses and a large corporation.
She is excited to combine her love of both jobs into one while working with the NKC.

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levi beers
board member

Levi Beers, CEO of Keystone Web Studios, a web and application development company, has worked with and advised both private businesses and public organisations on internet technology for the last 20 years. Levi has benefitted from Kratom and utilizes it in his natural approach to combat Ankloysing Spondylitis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Spinal Stenosis -- genetic and incurable conditions. Levi believes that Kratom, a natural and organic botanical has many beneficial attributes and is not in any way a danger to the public or individuals who use it. Levi is dedicated to keeping Kratom legal, educating both law and policy makers as well as congressional representatives and the general public on Kratom, it's benefits, uses and factual science in support of it.
Levi is responsible for research and development of technology systems used and deployed by the National Kratom Coalition, their compliance with any applicable technology laws and advises to legal counsel.

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james devers

James Devers is a Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Army. He served in Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 11th Aviation Regiment as an Air Traffic Controller from 2000-2003 when he received an honorable discharge.
He married his wife, Carrie, in 2002, and has a son who was born in 2005. He is in the process of adopting his niece.
James is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owns Masters Hands Massage and Spa in Alabama. He also is a professional truck driver, and works for Schneider National.
In his spare time James loves to read, hunt and fish. He is currently studying the United States' War on Drugs, and the repercussions for the nation because of that "war."
James worked closely with the American Kratom Association, and earned his creds fighting the kratom ban in Alabama's statehouse.

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stephanie brown
board member

Stephanie is an officer and board member who provides administrative support for the NKC's social media presence.
A native of Norfolk, Va, Stephanie has been involved in community projects and outreach programs over the last two decades, most notably as the creator and director of an a cappella music ensemble that concertizes in the Hampton Roads area.
A chronic pain patient since 2013, Stephanie is grateful to have found the kratom community and become a part of it. Currently, she uses her knowledge of botanical medicine to help people in her local and online communities learn about kratom and it's application in a
healthy lifestyle.

Isaac Cubillos
board member

Isaac is an award-winning investigative journalist who has covered education, government, and the military. He now owns a news consulting firm.

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